Deer & Javelina

"El Macho"

Ah, South Texas deer hunting.  There's always one big guy hanging around.

Full color limited edition print.  Paper size: 13"x19".  $95.00 unframed.




This happens a lot!  The big guys are always a little cautious.  Should I, or shouldn't I?  Maybe I will?

Full color limited edition print.  Paper size: 17"x22".  $125.00 unframed.



"Here They Come"

You don't see just one javelina; they always come out in groups.

Full color limited edition print. Paper size: 13"x19".  $85.00 unframed.



"Hold It!"

Full color limited edition print of a nice whitetail.  17"x22" paper size.  $125.00 unframed.



Lost & Found

Hand colored on a black and white limited edition print. 17"x22" paper size. $355.00 unframed. Each one is an original!



"In Between Seasons"

If you look closely, you will find the deer in the background.  Most of us don't usually get past the wildflowers in the front.

Limited edition print.  Paper size: 13"x19". $95.00 unframed.